Favorite Headphones and Amazon Affiliation

So, I’ve decided to attempt to monetize my site through becoming an Amazon affiliate. I’m never going to link to any garbage I wouldn’t or haven’t purchased myself, nor will I spam the site with “Daily Deals” links. I’m just going to recommend items I’ve bought myself, and I’d recommend to my own family. So, that said, here is my first recommendation!

I have had both versions of these Sony MDR-1000X, and only got rid of the first pair because the new mk2 had a longer battery life and customizable noise cancelling application. They sound amazing, the noise cancelling is fantastic, and they are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned. (I have big ears) These are the best headphones you’ll find for air travel, and I won’t leave home without them.

I’m posting a link for them today because Amazon has them for $50 off, and $299 is a great deal for them. If you’ve been looking for a great pair of audiophile quality wireless headphones, here they are.


Domain Names

You ever come up with a domain name so clever you wonder how no one has ever thought of it? I know I’ll probably never wind up using it, much like this one, but I suppose it’s nice to know it’s there. Maybe I’ll turn it in to something one day…

On Self Doubt

You ever sit and think;
“Why would I write anything here?”
“Who cares?”
“Does anyone want to read this shit?”
“Do people really want to look at these photos?”

And then I remember all the assholes out there spewing hateful terrible shit that have an audience of millions. Literally millions!

I think I need to get over my self doubt and just put something out there. Surely there are at least a handful of people out there who might find what I have to say interesting, entertaining, or valuable. But damn, it’s hard to motivate yourself and put yourself out there.

I certainly have a lot more respect for the folks that sit in front of a keyboard day in and day out and churn out real, honest, heartfelt content. I’m not talking about that clickbaity shit. I mean genuine blog posts that contain a real opinion, thoughtful analysis, or creative work of humor or art.

Or I suppose you can just sit your ass in front of the keyboard and type whatever comes into your head, no matter how ill-conceived. So go for it I guess. What’s the worst that can happen?

Where’s the photos Vince?

I’m working on uploading photos and updating my site. I’m struggling with 2 things. Not knowing what I should write, and mostly annoying internet. I’ll have a whole post about Verizon Travel Pass and Hong Kong data roaming though, that’s for sure!

On webcam covers

So…I guess this might be a naïve question, but what in the hell are people doing in front of their computers that requires a cover to be placed over their webcam?  If someone somehow managed to hack my camera, they be treated to my face. Me drinking water. Me drinking coffee. Me eating cereal. Me typing out a weblog. Thrilling stuff. Enjoy webcam hacker, I hope it was worth the effort.

An Experiment

I’ve started up this site for a couple reasons:

  • I’m sick of Facebook and their data collection but I still wanted to share things, and if anyone is going to make money off my “content” it’s going to be me, not Facebook.
  • I wanted to practice writing for an audience. I haven’t written anything of consequence in years. I think it’s time for a change.
  • I’ve got too much free time, and wanted to play with AWS. I normally use Amazon Web Services for my day job, but never anything I want to play with. I figured I may as well just mess around with various features and services to maintain this blog. Maybe I’ll eventually post some useful technical articles one day. (Don’t hold your breath)

So here we are. All the photos you’ll see posted are my own. All comments and opinions contained herein, no matter how ill advised, are my own. I don’t allow comments on my site, but I will read and sometimes respond to emails if you have something to say.